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A big travel for a new beginning…

Since my childhood, I’ve heard about this distant country that is New Caledonia, without really knowing where it could be.

 I’ve kept in the depths of my mind to go there one of these days.

A big travel for a new beginning…

Un grand voyage pour un nouveau départ...The life is that, sometimes we have to wait the right time to leave.

Waiting for this day, we slake our thirst of travel moving through Europe by train, Italy by car and many other small trips which only increases our need to discover distant countries. 

After so much expectations, it’s finally done, I go along with my husband, at the dawn of our 30 years (“better late than never” won’t you tell me?).

Time to put money aside, the real things begin. Quit his job is not an easy matter, for me the chance to take availability allows me to cover our back for an eventually return to France. 

Now that it’s done, serious things begins, the Organization of a trip : where to start ? Which countries to see ? What journey ? How long ? further difficult questions for an expatriation more or less fixed.

Departure planned for Singapore on September 10

We must then think of the move, what to sell ? What to keep ? Where to store it ? That’s how we ended up in my parents house (whom we thank again !) for 1 month before departure, by using their shed to store our stuffs ! 

Do not forget the administrative tasks that make us lose a crazy time, regardless of the country where we go ! The more complicated will remain to the suitcase and don’t forget anything (a big thanks to my passion for checklist) but it will be at the last moment (don’t thank my procrastination !) !?

A good thing done, now the harder will be to say “Goodbye” to our family and our friends… Even though most understand the reason of our departure, we know that we will be separated by thousands of kilometres preventing us from coming back for any occasion… Even if Skype allows us to keep in touch, this is not easy. We were able to have a common vacation this summer to allow us to see the people to whom we wanted to say “goodbye”. 

The suitcases sealed off at the last moment (good way to forget things, even with my well-organized girl checklist !).

Un grand voyage pour un grand départ...

A farewell party with a lot of emotions… It is difficult because we don’t realize what we are doing and all that we leave behind us… We know that we start and then thats it, we don’t realize that we are going so far and for so long…

Un grand voyage pour un grand départ...We say “goodbye” to friends, family and we leave for the great adventure…  almost…

A last good french meal of a King that we will miss (foie gras, champagne, wine and a good raclette !) 

Thank you Emily and Vincent it was magical!

We are September 10, 2014

and finally we are flying towards our dream!

Un grand voyage pour un grand départ...This small blog will allow you to follow us in our adventures, share our passion for photography and beautiful landscapes. You can also follow us via our Facebook page.

Everyone is able to take a radical turn in his life…

We took it, and you, when are you taking yours ?

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