Who are we?

Aurélie and Francis, couple of honeymooners, (the small thirty), who decided to put a bit of madness in his life.

Being both passionate about photography and travel we did not looked long what touch of madness add to our routine: go far and get eyeful! And at the same time, put you the eyes!

mois de mai en photos

After travelling by train much of the capitals (is anything exaggeration, still much remains us to do!), what we to itchy feet and especially the desire to explore new countries and new cultures, we needed to go further away, and what better than the Oceania ?!

After two month in New Zealand by Van and tent with our friends from Soundwave On The Road, we spent one year and a half in New Caledonia and we are now currently in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa !

We don’t want to stop here ! What will be our next destination ?

We therefore create AF News to share with you our new life, our findings and our good plans, as well as our common passion for photography and travel.

This blog is intended for all those who like we have thirst for discovery, sharing and authenticity. Our claim: discover the world in a lifetime, it is possible?

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or request.

Don’t wait any longer to go take a look at our photo gallery with its online shop, you can also support us in our project in your own way.

Hoping make you travel a maximum you also through our texts and pictures!

Why AF News?

AF represents the initials of Aurélie and Francis but it is also the abbreviation of “autofocus”. And for those who don’t know, the autofocus is the English term for af camera.

And News because New Zealand and New Caledonia are our two first selected destinations.

And then AF News it translates to “the news of Aurélie and Francis”.

You’ll understand we like to play with words!

To prolong the pleasure, we also share our live discoveries on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

© Photos and texts are not royalty-free. All rights reserved for AF New

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