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I am 30 years old, I travel and then ?

Since we travel, we meet many travelers of different horizons. And even if we met ” old adventurers “, let us face facts, we appear very often to be the oldest ! 

Yes I am 30 years old, I travel and then ?French content

No, we are not old, we just start our life!

I'm 30, I'm travelling, so what ?

I am 30 years old, I travel and then ?

I had already written this article when I saw a post on Facebook. A girl asked for advices of thirty-year old travelers because she was afraid of launching. Fear of the look and the judgment of others… I understand that the age can be a brake for some, but there is no age old to make his own life choices…

What does “normal” mean ?

We got married at the beginning of 2014 at the age of 28+, and we left everything in September, 2014 at the age of 29. If you are not too bad in maths, it brings us at this beginning of 2017 at the age of 31 !

J'ai 30 ans, je voyage et alors ?

At almost 29 years old, we had almost everything : The love, a family, some friends, the security of an good job, a comfort of an house and a life all traced, in short, we had a “normal” life. But we missed something… In spite of appearances, we were filled, not spread in our life.

We had an almost normal life…but what does that really mean ?! A life dictated by the society, but what does “normal” mean ?!

At 20 years old, you study, at 25 you get married, you buy a house, a big car, a cat or a dog, then comes children… Roughly, in 30 years you have to settle and have a stable situation instead of traveling the world. It is necessary to be able to go into the good compartment. 

At the end that represents all about which I dreamed when I was a child and that I wanted to become “an adult”. What I believed to want… Watch out, I do not say that this “normality” is not good, it is just that it did not correspond to me.Le Matériel Photo # Test du trépied Befree

Then how I realized that it was not what I wanted ? Because at the end it is so easy to stay in the habits, even if we are not completely spread, trapped of this infernal spiral that is the routine and held in cage by this enemy who is the fear…

And if… ?

Did you already wake up in the morning by telling you ” and if …”?

And if I was not going to work today, and if I changed job, and if I won more money, and if the holidays could last longer, and if finally I was not so happy as that I am willing to think of it?…

The hard part finally it is to realize it and to make the decision to change things. Sometimes it is the life which offers you an opportunity, still it is necessary to take it, sometimes to provoke your fate and take in hand you. It is what we made !

Notre bilan 2016 : Une année de découvertes #2

“You are lucky…”

” You are lucky… ” How many times I heard that since we left !

No I am not lucky, I CHOSE…! Chosen to leave my comfort zone to be happy, to stop wondering quite in mornings ” and yes…? “. 

Of course, the chance which I have (now I figure that since i have been travelling), it is especially to have been born in the “good” country. A country where to have a passport and to travel is within the reach of all, without borders or constraints if it is not the one that we put ourselves we even….

premiers pas en Australie : Une semaine à Sydney

30 years, cape or not cape ?

When I was 15 years old and when I imagined myself at 30 years, I imagined myself as I mentioned it higher : a bride, with a house, children and a dog ! For me 30 years it was “old”!

But it is funny as the perception of an age is different when we are inside ! I do not really have the impression to be old today. I figure that, this age which I imagined myself as a cape, a definitive passage towards the adulthood, is not so terrible in reality.

J'ai 30 ans, je voyage et alors ?

At least, it is the best age of life ! The age of the freedom, the spiritual and personal fulfillment. We are not anymore dependent on our parents and actors of our lives, we can be happy, it is enough to want it. The happiness it is before any knowing the needs and of being able to answer it. Still it is necessary to know what we want! 

Travelling after 30 years old, and then ?

During our journeys, when we are asked our age, people are always surprised learning that we exceeded the 30 years. 

It is on that we make “old man” among all these travelers of hardly 18 years. Then yes we are too old to have Working Holiday Visa (we had that of Australia just in time, we have “only” Canada), but the age it is in the head. 

And why should we be afraid of dashing, or fear of the look and the judgment of others? 

If the others are hampered by our lifestyle, it is often because they are jealous. They stay in the mold, they are destabilized, one the dishes in the face of the own problems, the own desires or still the failures.

Today I feel totally free in my choices, my decisions concern only me and I am accountable to nobody.

It is easier to manage the other people’s opinion than its own regrets then is proud of whom you are and of what you are doing. Is happy and nothing else has importance.

And you, did you sometimes doubt in front of look of people ?

Is your family and friends opinion impacting on your decisions ? 

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I'm 30, I'm travelling, so what ?

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